Reminders - Regular Season Schedule

A few reminders while reviewing the schedule... 

  • If for some reason you see options to edit game times/dates etc... please do NOT change anything.
  • If you find a major issue with a schedule, please let me know by 10pm on Sunday, August 18 by emailing
    • You are looking to make sure your teams have the correct number of games, number of home/away games, black out dates do not have games scheduled on them, your teams play on your fields (I caught a few games that had a club playing on a different club's fields). You are not submitting individual game changes at this time. 
  • Please do NOT release this link or any part of the schedule to your coaches/parents/players at this time... this is a preview for commissioners to ensure that there are not any major issues (i.e. missing a team, etc) If any changes need to be made, I will be working on that Sunday night and should (hopefully) have it finalized by Monday and published to the website.
  • If you have any questions/concerns, please let me know 😀