Reschedule Request Procedure

Here is the procedure for rescheduling requests.  Please note that the following must be completed and affirmed by 6:00 AM on Monday before the weekend of the games being requested:

1.  E-mail your commissioner of the game change request.  DO NOT E-MAIL THE OTHER COACH.  Commissioner e-mails can be found under the board members link of the website.
2.  Include game number, original date and time of game, teams playing, and division.  Also, propose the new date and time for game.
3.  Next, the commissioner will e-mail the commissioner of the other club the information stated above as well as the field it will be played at (Please include this whether it has changed or not.)
4.  If both sides are in agreement, then the commissioners will e-mail; the information stated above with game number.  The subject will be e-mailed as Game Change Confirmation (Game Number.)  
Here is an example of what the e-mail should look like:
Subject:  Game Change Confirmation (345)
Original Date:  U12 Girls Division B FC Soccer Club vs. Kia SC 8/8/14 1:00 PM Anywhere Field
New Date:  U12 Girls Division B FC Soccer Club vs. Kia SC 8/15/14 3:00 PM Anywhere Field