BMYSL Executive Board and Commissioners Directory

Name Title E-Mail
Gregg Hoover President
Hany Sorial Vice-President
Josh Warman Secretary
Anita Benolken Treasurer
Anthony Lauro Referee Assignor
Tricia Wieder League Registrar;
Jeanette Briody Website Administrator
Commissioners CLUB E-Mail
Quay Brashear AFC
Adam Smeltz AFC

Brendan Donnelly

Bethlehem Twp AA

Dan Davila Bethlehem Twp AA

Josh Warman

City of Easton Rec. Soccer

Robb Schoener

Forks Twp SC

Raph Margolin

Forks Twp SC

Jamie Betz

Moore Twp AA 

Glen Butz

Moore Twp AA

Mike Rex

Moore Twp AA

Mike Szoke

Moore Twp AA

John Henchy

Nazareth SC

Jennifer Bennett

Nazareth SC

Tristan Moore

Northern Lehigh SC

Jason Gordon

Northern Lehigh SC

Debbie Karwacki

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Tony Triscari

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Mike Pfeiffer

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Dave Dumpel

Palmer Twp SC

Matthew Thornton Palmer Twp SC

Anita Benolken

Slate Belt Youth SA

Bryan Robertshaw

St. Jane's SC

Ann Ditze

St. Jane's SC

Robert Stoudt

Wilson Youth SC

Tony Borger

Wind Gap SC

You can also reach the BMYSL directly at if you have any questions, concerns, etc...

BMYSL Meeting Minutes

Here are the BMYSL Monthly Meeting Minutes from January, 2013 - Present

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